YOUR MobileMAN Scenarios

Collaborate with us and other users to define them!

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YOUR MobileMAN Scenario

This website is thought as an instrument to realize a collaboration among the researchers who are working to develop the MobileMAN technology and the end users.


Here the idea: use the WIKI section on this site to develop - in collaboration with other users - scenarios to use MobileMAN, or to define what applications you would like to be able to use with the MobileMAN device. Don't limit your creativity, participate with any contribution you wish!

We are using an online collaboration model and tool called WIKI - it allows editing the content of webpages from any web browser.

So, let's start the WIKIMobileMAN!


Quick WIKI guide:

1) Use firstly the Sandbox - it's specific for first-users try

2) Register as user: at the right bottom corner of the pages there is a login form. It will allow you to choose a nickname and a password.

3) To create a link to a new page, write the linked page LikeThis, then a question mark will appear before it. Click on it and the new LikeThis page will open for you to create.

4) Hyperlinks are recognizable from the blue colour.