Scenario # 2 - MobileMAN in a Shopping Mall


John and Janet are married and have two kids: Marc and Kevin.
It is just before Christmas and they go together to the shopping mall. Every member of the family has their own interests and will be visiting specific shops.
They arrive at the mall and are given a device that is set up: so that they can locate each other and communicate easily.
Marc and Kevin go to the game shops, Janet goes shopping for food and John for Christmas presents.
John and Janet are not worried because they can locate their kids through the ad hoc device.
John wishes to buy a multiplayer game for his kids but has no idea where: his device has a search option: John types “multiplayer game” and a list of shops where this item is sold appears, together with a customer satisfaction ranking. John selects the shop at the top of the list and a map is shown, with the location of the shop.



After buying the present for his kids, John is walking in the mall when his device beeps, signalling that the bookshop on his left has a series of special offers: John decides to step in to see if there is anything interesting.
Janet has just seen a cooking robot that could be perfect for making cookies for Christmas. But before buying it, she wishes to know what John thinks. She sends a chat request to John, and they talk about this. Janet sends information about the item to John, he sees it and its features and agrees to buy it. Through the chat window, he tells Janet to go ahead and buy it. It is time to gather the others and go home to have dinner: Janet sends a message to her husband and the kids. As the kids do not respond, Janet locates them on the device map and sends a message to John to meet all three of them at the arcade corner, where Marc and Kevin are, engrossed in their playing. They return the device, which will be cleaned, recharged and ready for the next customers, and go home.




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