Why this Website?

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when a word or expression is written in orange, you can click on it and a window with its explanation will open for you.


Why this Website?

The MobileMAN community is made of researchers and engineers from various parts of Europe, who are developing a new communication technology - called MobileMAN.

It is built upon the concept and model of Mobile Ad hoc Networks.

The MobileMAN community wishes to involve people who will eventually be the END USERS of it in this development and work together.


This website is for you! We are asking you to collaborate with us.

Help us shaping the future of human communication!


How to use this Website?

We provide you with some basic information about the technology we are developing, just enough to get the idea.

The most important here is what YOU have to tell us! Your ideas, your comments and opinions, what you would like to do with the MobileMAN technology.

The scenarios we present are just a help to stimulate your imagination. So don't hesitate in taking part into our WIKI section.

Take this opportunity to design the future of communication!